Workgroup copiers — Workgroup copiers fall somewhat under the category of multifunction printers as their job is also to produce copies of documents and photographs at a fast rate. The outputs produced are either in color or monochrome. The speed of these multifunctional workgroup copiers is what makes them the perfect office machine that is a necessity at every busy office space. These workgroup copy machines produce minimum noise and have less moving parts that make mechanical problems due to wear and tear a rare thing. These feature-rich copy machines are a one-stop solution to printing at your office. At JFT we offer the best brands, at one place for you to choose from and increase the efficiency in your workplace. There is minimal training required to impart the staff with for operating these workgroup copiers. Brands like Lexmark and Copystar are available at a very reasonable price. 

All of our copiers come with 36 month onsite defective parts warranty.


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